Are your Kids Ready to Draw & Make Art?

The truth is that kid friendly and centered drawing lessons will not only help your kids WANT to draw an make art, but they will help your child or family overcome the blank page or wonders of what to draw, or the distractions of TV or technology to allow for more quality family time.

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It will show you how to:

✔️Develop Art Making Skills with step-by-step art tutorials

✔️Create a routine for developing Fine Motor Skills

✔️Establish Passion for Drawing with step-by-step guides

✔️Encourage Creative Thinking with prompts and scavenger hunts

✔️Overcome the blank page and wondering what and how to draw

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Hi There! I'm Ms Artastic!

I am Kathleen McGiveron and I am Ms Artastic.

I love art. I have always loved to create, ever since I could remember.

And although I LOVE to make art and it is my calling, there was a time in my childhood that I didn’t make art and I almost gave up on it forever.

Now, I am Ms Artastic and I design Art Lessons for Kids & Art Resources and Educational Material for Teachers. It is my business that I developed out of all my passions and it started with one simple foundation: Visual Art.

 I want to make art affordable and accessible so that kids can make art anytime, anywhere, from their lap, the floor, desk, or kitchen table. I want them to learn how to use the art mediums they most likely already have in extraordinary ways. 

At Artastic Kids, I believe art is for everyone. I believe ANYONE can be an artist, and this includes you, your child, your family.

So let’s make this your moment. Start your child’s transformation today and unleash creative thinking in your home. Because when you’re a Creative Thinker, there is no limit on what you can and will do in your life.