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Artastic Nation is a place for Parents, Guardians, Homeschool Parents, Grandparents, and even Teachers to get ideas, tips, and inspiration for Making art with Kids!


The ULTIMATE Kids' Making Art Starter Guide

Discover my digital library of helpful tools, resources, and art lessons to help your child or family overcome the blank page, learn the basics of drawing, and get started in making artworks!

This Course is the INSTANT Starter Guide to help your family dive into drawing and making art and to help you overcome the fear of starting, it is a $75 valued course that I am offering at a special price of ONLY $19.00


Kids' Art Academy

Kids’ Art Academy is a fun and easy-to-use, beginner level Online Art Course for kids, designed to help your child or family learn how to make beautiful and fun artworks without the frustration of wondering where to start or getting stuck at the blank page and wondering HOW to create something so that you can all enjoy quality family time at the kitchen table with art lessons taught by a professional artist and educator in as little as 12 weeks.

The curriculum is extremely comprehensive, and in as little as 12 weeks it will literally walk your child or family through getting supplies and how to create art in your home (in an organized way that keeps messes minimal and easy to clean), will teach essential drawing skills in a way that is engaging for children, will cover different styles of cartooning, will teach how to draw in 3-D and how to add realism to your artworks, will help your child or family expand their ability to be creative thinkers with creativity inducing artworks and challenges, will help your child develop an artist identity and style, and finally it will teach them how to create beautiful, colorful, complete artworks in a range of art mediums. 



Artastic Kids Online Streaming Art Lesson Membership

Get ready to make some Art with Ms Artastic! 

Artastic Kids is an online streaming service that is here to provide your family with a special membership! Ms Artastic’s videos will teach your kids or grandkids art in a fun and engaging way! 

Enjoy INSTANT & UNLIMITED Access to Over a Hundred Art Lesson Tutorials with NEW bundles of Art Lesson Videos added each month to your Art Lesson Library that will inspire your children, let them embrace their inner artist, and allow you to spend some quality bonding time together!


Are your Kids Ready to Draw & Make Art?

The truth is that kid friendly and centered drawing lessons will not only help your kids WANT to draw an make art, but they will help your child or family overcome the blank page or wonders of what to draw, or the distractions of TV or technology to allow for more quality family time.

If you're struggling to get your child or family drawing because nothing has been the right fit or interesting to them, then my FREE Drawing Skills Printable Book is the step for you!