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3 Kid's Nature Art Activities & FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt!

art activity ideas art ideas for kids art lessons for kids free art lessons & printables Jun 13, 2022

Find 3 Kid’s Nature Art Ideas for Lessons or activities for at home or in your classroom and read to the bottom to get a FREE Printable Art & Nature Scavenger Hunt which is perfect for encouraging observational drawing, student choice, and exploration of choice art mediums. Grab a note pad or planning binder and let’s dive into these ideas so you can incorporate more nature into Art Educations!


Exploring the Element of Art: Texture with Nature

Have kids grab “something to draw on” like a clip board and paper or a sketchbook, and “something to draw with” and head outdoors! Have them “zoom in” on different interesting textures they happen upon, getting down and viewing them up close. Tree bark, leaves, rocks, grass… then once they find something they like they can sit next to the thing with a choice art medium or graphite or charcoal and create an observational drawing that focuses on recreating the texture of the thing they’re observing.

Observational Drawings in Nature

Have students head outdoors and find 5 things in Nature to draw… but HERE IS THE TWIST! Each thing needs to be drawn with a different art medium. This is perfect for any age, from primary to high school. The level of expectation should change with the ability of the individual students.

Nature Walk: Stream of Consciousness Brainstorm

Go on a Nature Walk as a class (it can be around the school yard) and as they walk with something to write on and something to write with, have them write and draw all the things they experience with ALL their senses… No talking, just mindful walking, drawing or writing about the things we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. a beautiful way to get new ideas, especially if this is seasonal then you can use these as recordings of things we sense in that season. This is a highly recommended sketchbook assignment that will truly spark creativity and teach kids to engage observational skills and connect to their senses


Have kids exploring observational drawing while experiencing choice of what to draw and mediums to use with this FREE Printable Art & Nature Scavenger Hunt! Click here to grab the Art and Nature Scavenger Hunt or hit the button below!

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