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3 Favorite Art Activities for Family Connection

art activity ideas art ideas for kids art lessons for kids Mar 01, 2023

Find 3 Favorite Art Activities for Family Connection in this article to help your family, homeschool program, child facilitate a strong family connection. I think that the following ideas are perfect for allowing creative and critical thinking to develop. 

As well, creating art together is a fabulous way for quality family time together. You can sit together at a counter or kitchen table and just make together, talk to each other, and see how each individual creates and develops their own ideas.

I know that finding ideas for making art can be challenge, so here are 3 of my favorite ideas that you can create at home in an open-ended way for family art projects and family connection.

Plein Air Painting

The first activity that I love is plein air painting. You can get outdoors together with this one. Plein Air Painting is the activity artists participate in where they take their paint and canvas and go outdoors, find a place to paint and paint using the world around them as their ideas and still life reference. They are drawing from life while being immersed in it. 

Now, you don't have to actually take paint and a canvas, but you can grab choice art mediums and either a clipboard and paper or a sketchbook and go outdoors. Go to a park or a lake or somewhere in your neighborhood and sit and pick something to draw and draw it. Not only are you making art, you're observing the place where you live, are being still with nature, are practicing mindfulness, and are spending quality family time together.

Things About Me Portrait Collages

Next idea is to create self-portraits. You can create a portrait of yourselves at home using choice art making mediums. Next, go through magazines and newspapers and cut out things that you like. Once cut out, you can glue them around your portrait for a mixed media collage of self-portraits that show things that each person like.

Salt Dough Pinch Pots

You can use salt dough to create "pottery" at home. Throughout human history and even in modern times, humans have used clay to create pinch pot pottery. You can try making pinch pots using salt dough you make at home or air dry clay you buy.

Making the pot:

First, roll a ball of clay in the palms of your hands. Next, insert one thumb into the center of the pot, leaving a finger thickness of clay at the bottom. Now gently pinch and rotate the ball of clay so that it slowly opens up to make a bowl shape. This is called a pinch pot!

Once your clay is dry or cooked, you can paint it to decorate it.

Salt Dough Clay Recipe:

1 cup water

1 cup salt

2 cups all purpose flour, use cheapest you can find.

Mix then knead into a playdoh consistency for 5 minutes. To cook, bake for 30 minutes at 250 degrees on foil covered sheets.



Try these art lessons and see if you can build more family connection and enjoy the freedom of being creative thinkers together.

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