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3 Earth Day Art Activities & Ideas for Your Kids & Family

art activity ideas art for the holidays seasonal art ideas Apr 16, 2022

Earth Day is just around the corner so I am going to give you 3 Earth Day Art Activity ideas that you can do with your kids, grandkids, or family to engage them in art making while also creating awareness around the fragility of our planet and all the life forms that inhabit it. 3 Earth Day Art Activities & Ideas for Your Kids & Family.  These are perfect for homeschool as well! Let's dive into it! #earthdayart #earthday


Create Found Nature Artworks inspired by Ansal Adams

Ansal Adams is an American Photogapher know for capturing amazing moments. Grab your tech and kids and head outdoors for this artwork! You can find some nature elements (already fallen, no picking!) and create an artwork using things like sticks, stones, leaves, flower petals, etc. and arrange them into a design on the ground. Could be a mandala, heart, abstract art, an animal, anything! After, have your kids capture the artwork with their device. You can play around with settings to create color or black and white photographs and even have them take pictures from a distance, to the side, close-up, etc. For added fun, you can print them off and get some frames from the dollar store and add your pictures to them to display in your home for seasonal artworks or memories!

Nature Walk: Outdoor Observational Drawings

Grab something to draw on and something to draw with an head outdoors with your family! For this, walk around a beach, lake, park, hike, or wherever you want and find somewhere to sit down together.

Next, use your choice art mediums to sketch or draw 5 things you see. Have you kids spend time looking, and when they are ready, they can draw the thing they found, using value and line to capture the highlights, shadows, and texture.

PRO TIP: Set a timer on your phone for 5 to 10 minutes to help them draw longer. Prompt them by saying "Draw until the timer goes off". For younger children, shorted time to 3-5 minutes for each observational sketch until they're ready to extend the time.

Silly Planet Artworks

Grab some paper, felt markers, and wax crayons and create some Silly Planets, focusing primarily on creating Earth!

Create some Earth artworks and then watch a documentary or YouTube video for kids about Our Planet to bring education to your home that integrates Art Education.

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