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10 BEST Art Prompts for Kids & FREE Printable Drawing Challenge List

art activity ideas free art lessons & printables Apr 30, 2022

Sometimes when kids get ready to make art they grab all their shiny new art mediums you got them, open up those Crayola's and sketchbook... and then they stare at the blank page in front of them. What should they draw? Well here is a list of 10 of the BEST Art Prompts to give your kids so they can feel energized and creative in a moment while still allowing their creative freedom and choice.

As well, read to the bottom to get a FREE Printable version of this list that is oh-so cute.

 10 of the BEST Art Prompts for Kids:

  1. Design a Monster: Create your own design of a monster. What does it look like? How many arms, legs, or tentacles? Is it slimy or spiky? Does it have wings or antennae? What color is it?
  2. Create a Robot using Contrasting Colors: Contrasting colors are colors that are opposites; for example: dark vs light colors. Design your own robot and color it using contrasting colors!
  3. Make a Fairy Garden: What would a fairy garden look like? Are there buildings? What are they made of? Do they have tiny animals? Who lives there?
  4. Under the Sea World: What does the world look like underwater? You can look at images of the ocean or watch a documentary for inspiration OR if you want to be creative, use your imagination to imagine a city built under the water and what it would look like.
  5. Discovering Another Planet: What if you got into a space ship and got the opportunity to fly to another planet that could sustain life... What would you see when you got there? Draw what you see when you step outside, onto the planet's surface for the first time.
  6. Look Up At Space: Go outside at night with your family and stare up at the stars. If you could see beyond, what do you see? Imagine all the possibilities and then go back inside and make some art as a family night activity.
  7. Make Art for Someone Else: Art can transform not only ourselves, but others. Make an artwork for someone else in your life. Maybe for a parent, a friend, a neighbor, or a grandparent. Create something you think they would love!
  8. Nature: Create an artwork inspired by nature. Go on a walk outdoors and sketch 3 things that inspire you. When you return home, turn one of those things into a full artwork inspired by the experience.
  9. Draw your Feelings: How are you feeling right now? Draw your feelings on paper and express your emotions.
  10. Favorite Animal: What is your favorite animal? Research it, find lots of images and create an artwork inspired by this animal.

Love this list? Well good news is that I turned it into an AMAZING and beautiful Printable poster that you can print off and put on the fridge, glue into a sketchbook or keep with your art making supplies. This way it adds another level of engagement to the art making experience in your home and adds that beautiful, professional flair so your child or children know you are not just making art, but you are making ART! As well, when they go to draw and don't have an idea for what to make, there is a FOCUSED list ready for them to choose from.

Click here to download the list!


Giving kids the choice of WHAT they want to make is essential for the success. They need to feel like the subject is connected to their own interests... Same for us! Honestly, I love art but there is a lot of art I have no interest in making. I APPRECIATE it but that is very different from me wanting to make it myself.

And this is what I find is a downside to taking kids to an art studio. Sure, there is an art instructor there and YES they already have the mediums. But do the kids have a CHOICE of creating something they feel a connection to and are inspired by? If not, they might loose interest in those art lessons pretty fast and feel dis-inspired by the art making experience.

Instead, offer your child a game changing opportunity where they can level-up their art making skills and create the art that THEY choose to create. And the best part? They can create an unlimited amount of artworks every. single. month. If you want to take action now and learn more, then make sure you click right here.

Yup, you read that correctly. Now if you want to try a lesson out for free with an art lesson that only requires wax crayon and felt marker, then make sure you click here to get a free Family Art Night where I am going to teach how to make a Robot artwork.

And if you are serious about giving your child the opportunity to make art they truly care about with the freedom to choose WHAT they want to make from an Art Lesson Library that grows ever single month, then click here.


I will see you inside Artastic Kids!

Kathleen McGiveron




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